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Elizabeth Power SpeakerIt's autumn here in TN, and the turnips are sprouting, the cabbage is showing tiny heads, and the rest of the garden is gone--except for a few stray butter beans and winter squash that just keep on growing and bearing. They'll quit soon: too few hours of sunlight, soil temperatures dropping, and cool fall nights.

As I keep exploring how we increase our responsivity to trauma, I keep being reminded that toxic stress, a much "softer" notion of trauma is still a potentially traumatic experience. Being "ground down" or eroded by unrelenting toxic stress may present a situation so overwhelming that coping is compromised. It can meet the criteria for psychological trauma by because it can undermine a person's ability to stay present, integrate their emotions, and make sense of the situation.
There is a tension between people who feel that "trauma" should only refer to acute horrific events and not to experiences as diffuse as toxic stress and those of us who feel that toxic stress as a diffuse form of trauma. To the person whose development is derailed, and their life, because of chronic oppression, a community in which violence is endemic, I don't think it matters.
The consequences just don't care what the cause is, and if trauma can be caused by exposure to enduring conditions, toxic stress need to be on the list. I'll be talking more about this inclusion, I'm sure!

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