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Elizabeth Power SpeakerMy world is helping people learn--we know that positive learning means growth, and the more you repeat positive learning, the more you grow!

I love watching people get the "ah-ha" or seeing the "click" that happens when it all comes together for someone who is learning something new. I love it--whether it's helping children or adults, the beauty of learning is that people become more of who they are intended to be: wiser, more skilled individuals capable of changing their inner and outer world for the better. Simple as that.

This year brings change. New tools. New skills. New opportunities. We'll launch The Trauma-Informed Academy mid-2016, an online learning multi-disciplinary academy, with readings, interactive scenarios, and resources that increase the focus on ecology over pathology. It's accessible to everyone. Stay tuned!

We're helping classroom educators and school systems nationwide improve classroom management skills, so that everyone is less stressed and more successful (there's that positive learning piece!). Helping people learn new styles of proven, positive classroom management skills that work in every environment from pre-school through higher education--that's juicy!

Of course, we continue to offer Risking Connection--the most inclusive program we know for working with survivors of trauma in social services settings. Why do we say the "most inclusive"? Because the knowledge and skills it offers work in every setting: shelters, mental and physical health clinics, faith communities, and hospitals. And, the model itself was developed with the input of people who have lived experience. The stories are true, the benefits clear, the investment well worth it. I promise.

Elizabeth Power, M.Ed.

PS: Check out The Trauma Informed Academy --it's great!

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Elizabeth Power does it again.

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