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Want to hear or see Elizabeth Power in action?  Maybe read up on what people say, or see her past print media?  This is the place!  

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If Change is All There Is, Choice Is All You've Got: Trust After Trauma.
This press release, picked up by The Hill, talks about Elizabeth's presentation to the men and women who are delegates for the Army's Wounded Warrior Program Annual Symposium in Los Angeles. Over 150 men and women, Army leadership, and family/support members attended. Drawing on her own life and worlds, Elizabeth helped Soldiers and those around them consider trauma, combat, recovery, and disability in a new light, and from the frame of choice as power.

Successful Meetings Magazine, "Hot 25 Speakers" -- On the cover, along with Molly Ivins, Guy Kawasaki, and Colin Powell.

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The Introduction at Risking Connection In Faith Communities--Glendale United Methodist Church, for Sidran Institute, June 2007. Risking Connection (RC) is a Sidran Institute program that helps people develop growth-promoting relationships with survivors of overwhelming events--trauma. RC addresses the universality of trauma, how it impacts people,  addresses a simple model for relating to others that fosters recovery and helps people who know trauma survivors care for themselves more effectively. Presented with humor, compassion, and compelling presence, this program provides an overview of RC for faith communities in the Abrahamic traditions. As with the others, single microphone, unedited.

What is Trauma-Informed Care--The basics of trauma-informed care as a foundation for talking about trauma-responsive systems.
Who Benefits from Trauma-Informed Care--interview with Sheron Ford focusing on audiences for trauma-informed care, illustrating the breath of the application.

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