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Risking Connection Online Learning Launched

Learn about the new Risking Connection online course here!  (And see snippets of EPower's new series on trauma informed care.)  If you'd like to see another trailer for the new online learning, check out the Online page at TraumaRecoveryConnection.com..

People who've had a sneak preview give it high marks for an e-learning program because of its interactivity and depth.  We supplement the online learning with webinars to discuss the topics in the online learning, and support learners by email during their 90-day access.

Discounts are available for groups of ten or more.

Getting Happier: Choice For Many Who Live with “Frequent Mental Distress”?

Nashville, TN The choice of practicing happiness may be the best inoculation if you’re experiencing FMD (Frequent Mental Distress), says Elizabeth Power, human resources development and performance improvement specialist with a bent for helping people “hike up their happy.”

“Often individuals face multiple barriers to reducing stress, like joblessness, mild depression, or the presence of adverse experiences out of their control,” Power said in a recent interview. “The one choice they can make, and even train themselves to practice like an athlete, is getting happier.

“Little by little, additive choices relative to choosing feelings, mastering internal self-talk, modulating and managing feelings, and increasing positive relationships may be a big key in self-directed behavioral change for the better.”

Resilience as a learned skill? Happiness as a discipline? Cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness and the “socially viral” nature of happiness all point to the potential of “self-directed behavioral change” as an antidote to the stress and distress of our times. The American Psychological Association Help Center offers tips for building resilience for multiple audiences, and UPenn’s www.authentichappiness.org offers a number of articles on how to increase one’s happiness. Research demonstrates that even short programs in mindfulness meditation produce demonstrable positive effects on brain and immune function. More and more is being learned about how neural pathways that lead to specific patterns are created and how brain training can change them.

“While many of us cannot choose some of the changes we face, we can choose how we handle them—and there are many ways to do that.” Power explained, “Most of us just don’t know, and when we do, it’s easy to forget to practice, even though this is where we have the most power.” Power uses tools such as the technology-based programs MindHabits and Lumosity, both of which are evidence-based games for improving mood and brain functioning, and experiential learning activities. “Training our brains for happiness is as critical as regular training is for athletes who wish to compete on an international level—and it is likely one of the best countermeasures for the FMD so prevalent in our times.”

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Trauma-Responsive Sytems Implementation Advisor Launched
Nashville, TN – May 30, 2011

EPower & Associates, Inc. launched the core elements of TReSIA, its new organizational change and transformation suite.  The white paper discussing trauma-responsive systems and a subset regarding trauma-informed care are now available free at www.traumainformedcare.com, as is a self-administered organizational assessment.  An organizational change management template is in development as is an individual change management plan.

Risking Connection part of King County WA's Transformation to Trauma Informed Care Federal Grant
Nashville, TN – October 4, 2010

King County, WA's Mental Health function has been awarded a five year grant to transform services to trauma-informed using Risking Connection as the operating model.  EPower & Associates, Inc., one of two Sidran authorized providers, is the service provider.

EPower & Associates Teams with Creative Childcare Solutions!
Nashville, TN – August 31, 2009
Early childhood educators, families, parents and teachers all require a certain amount of education on an annual basis to maintain state licensing.  

One of the premier private providers of this professional development function is Creative Childcare Solutions (CCS), owned by Stacy Leighton, Farragut TN.  

Stacy has provided services through her firm to hundreds of organizations and thousands of people nationwide.  She is an incredibly energizing and instructive facilitator, and has been a friend of EPower & Associates, Inc. (EPA) for nearly thirty years.

CCS and EPA are now working together to increase their market penetration, with Elizabeth Power receiving extensive training from CCS to become a training provider and Stacy Leighton becoming trained in EPA programs.