Maybe life has dealt you (or your staff) some rough blows
Maybe  a little push might help drive a needed shift.

Or maybe folks feel they've peaked and need a new direction and the personal tools to go with it.



I’m Elizabeth Power.


I’ve lived in these spaces and more. I know the pain of failure, shame, and embarrassment. The thrill of transformation.


I’m a facilitator.


I teach from The Voice of Lived Experience to help people around the globe: 

--Recover and grow,

--Master change,

--Live trauma-informed, and 

--Deepen  resilience.

Are you ready?

Working on life beyond trauma?

Our Trauma-Informed Academy and Trauma-Responsive System courses are grounded in 

  • The power of relationship

  • Strength-based, present-focused frames

  • Multi-disciplinary research about trauma and its impact

  • Collaboration and indigenous values


Working with trauma, your own or someone else’s? Yes?

You want these tools!


Talent development leader? Clinical director?

These are applied emotional intelligence skills your people need!




The message my dog gave you—and that you listened to—saved my feet.
I would have never known.




You helped me turn my life around and point it in a whole new direction!

increase my sales 215% in four months!





You have helped me become so much more: better health, more  work, more me being ME!




Your coaching helped me start and grow my business helping youth. You saved me, and helped me save them. Thank you.

Want results like these?

It's possible for you...

• Private coaching programs

• Full and multi-day retreats

• Interactive group courses

Investment begins at $5K.

Your Choice of focus area:

Change, Resilience, Trauma

(Agency/organizational rates available.)








Change. It’s all there is. Most of the time, it’s not much fun. Our Change Coaching, Training and Events teach you, or your team:


• Personal dynamics of change

• Why we’re addicted to failure

• How to create positive self-discipline

• Key coping skills

• How to master change, optimize choice, and use control

• How to cope with transitions in life

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