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And here's what they say about my work...


I'm not going to do any selling here -- I'm going to let the people do it for me -- they'll tell you what you need to know. You know what to do -- read, learn, and then click the right buttons! 


B Pzecher

"Light Bulb Went Off!! ... WOW"
(Social Worker)

"Already started putting the work in practice...a light bulb went off.. WOW. 

So now I'm plotting how to weave this particular learning into our daily work here. "

Bea Lynn

"I Feel So Much Better!"
(Sales Executive)

"You WOW'ed me and that is hard to do!! Am hoarding the good as much as I used to hoard the bad - and I feel so much better."





Don Leceister

"Five Tries, Five Successes. Your Tools WORK!" 

(Combat Vet)

"...from the moment I heard you speak, I knew that whatever you were teaching, I wanted to be there. More than that, I wanted to try it out....


Five times this week I used the Changing Lens Strategy with different kiddos and it WORKED. So did the Brain Soothers! They worked!."

Lisa Fitch

"Your Course Rocks!!"

(Shelter worker)

"..Used it this week with a buddy who has some PTSD and it really helped him come  back."







Yvette K.

"New Perspectives, Personal Insights!"


"Your course was incredible... gained new perspectives for all three of my clients who are survivors [of trauma].. [and] personal insights into my challenges!"







Mark LeGuerre

"Having Greater Impact, Helping Myself As Well" 


"..a new and a refreshing way to have an even greater impact in the lives of those that I am helping as well as myself.."










Terri Brooks

"Opened My Eyes"

(Mental Health Worker)

"I am so glad we found your course! This training has helped me professionally and personally. 


"Your training not only taught us about Trauma but about "life". For me it has opened my eyes to the "rich" things in life .. Moments .. I thank you for that."

Vicki James

"Every Tool Works"


"I'm sold!  Every tool I try is working even is working even with the most challenging clients!


"We want more. Keep it up. " 

Steven Ruiz

"Made More Difference In Three Months Than In Five Years!!"

(Construction Executive)

"Your course has made more difference in three months that I've seen in five years... friend of mine reached out.. giving me hope through an email.

"I would have missed the hope if I hadn't taken your course."

Fred Landiss

"Best Money We Ever Spent"

(Talent Development Director)

"Your program helped our staff improve morale and productivity--it was some of the best  money we ever spent!"


AJ, Huntsville AL

"Discovered My True Potential"
(Worldwide Non-Profit CEO)

".."Without you, I’d never have left an abusive husband, known I needed to see my doctor about a small lump that was cancerous, or discovered my true potential.


"I’ve become an executive in a non-profit that serves children worldwide. I don’t know what you‘re doing now, but then it was like a visitation from the Divine. Thank you."

Donna Harrison, RN 

"8th Largest Revenue Increase In 700 Stores" 
(Weight Loss Center Manager)

"What you taught helped our clients succeed by helping them learn new ways of doing and thinking that worked.


"We saw immediate results..8th largest increase in revenue among 700 stores... when we applied what you taught."

Elke W.

"Most Healing Experience Imaginable"

(Retired Scientist)

"Our session together was the most beneficial healing experience imaginable... "


Arny F.

"Immensely Valuable"

(Real Estate Professional)

"...presentation at Staff Development conference helped us see some problem areas and improvements we could make... immensely valuable!"

Debi P

"Truly Life-Changing"

(Administrative Assistant) 

"Wonderful... inspiring.. major influence on my life, personal and professional.

"Truly life changing!"



"Renewed My Faith"
(Retired Teacher)

"The most encouraging training I've ever attended! Renewed my faith in my work. What a blessing!"


Lashonta T.

"Got Me To Abundant Life!"
(IT Professional)

"[This] the life work that got me to abundant life."





Josey E.

"Changed My Life" 
(Business Owner)

"[Gave me].. new ideas and approaches, techniques I can use on the job, ideas about problems/solutions.. it changed my life."






Mark V.

"Miraculous Change"

(Fitness Pro)

"I had no idea how powerful this was until I tried it--I began to ask different questions, and sure enough I got different answers.

"I saw miraculous change in my relationship with my son when I did."



"Lives Are Transformed"
(Traditional Culture Counselor)

"The way you wove in traditional Hawaiian culture and empathy for the people was awesome!


"Our lives are transformed by your mana. Mahalo nui loa!!"





Ellen C.

"Clear And Compelling Results" 

"Your work has clear and compelling results in my life--I am glad for your tremendous knowledge and skills. "






Mindy W.

"I Grew So Much!"


"This was so eye-opening! It helped me see how much I had come out of nothing. I grew so much!"


Amy T.

"Discovered My True Potential"


" showed me potential paths I could take... to see the doctor about a lump that was cancerous, and you gave me the courage to leave an abusive relationship.


You helped me discover my true potential."

Op W.

"By Far The Best" 

(Healthcare Administrator)

"...your talk was by far the best and you are preferred over [Dr.] Joyce Brothers any day.

"We all left with actionable ideas, skills, and knowledge--we are better off than we were before."






Kay N.

"Gained New Perspectives"

(Social Worker)

"...your Healing Together Conference Key Note presentation was incredible.


I gained new perspectives for all three of my clients who are survivors.


I also gained personal insights into my challenges. Bless you! 


Annie R.


(Concert Musician)


"Thank you so much for an amazing class"








"Honestly, it was soooo good just to SEE Elizabeth's face, hear her voice, and be REMINDED of all that I learned back in January when she was in St Cloud, MN.

Trauma v. Crisis v. Distress...YES! YES! YES! That reminder alone was worth tuning in. I loved loved loved her on-planet/off-planet language and her framing questions..."






Sarah M.

"A Visitation From The Divine"

(Early Childhood Education)

"...helped me make a decision about my career by showing me the potential paths it could take, and you read about my relationship.

I don’t know what you‘re doing now, but then it was like a visitation from the Divine. Thank you."


Kayla D.

"I Feel Thoughtful, At Peace,

And Happy."

(Retired Educator)

"I have to tell you that I have never, not ever, come away from a meeting, a gathering, a conversation with you without feeling thoughtful, at peace, and if 'now, all is right with the world.'" 


Sharon M.

"Your Message Saved Her Feet."


"Do you remember her and her dog?


"Your message [that you got through the dog] saved her feet."