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When will we learn
coaches of health and sturdiness
trauma informed processes
 Resilience-building in Therapy
Resilience and Burnout
What's Love Got to Do With It
Managing the Darkness
Change - whether we want it or not
Holiday Grits and Grace
 The people you never want to see around the holiday table
Halloween Hooha

Every culture honors those who have gone before in some way. Halloween--October 31 started out as a Celtic tradition called Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts...

resilience and selfcare

Splitting hairs word-wise is a long-standing tradition: everyone wants to "own" creating a new term or word. That way we can be "unique." Sometimes, though, there's a relationship between or among .....

Resilience at Work

Work is changing, and in ways, we can't predict. We have no idea what "career" or "work " will look like in a decade, maybe not in five years.

Work. We work for income. We trade for goods and services. We work ...

Which is first, anger or fear?

Aug 25 , 2021

anger or fear

Have you ever seen hair stand this much on end or a cat on its' tiptoes so elegantly? Look at those eyes! You'd have to work hard not to see this tiny kitten trying to be very big. Oh, I have spent so much time like this...

Aug 4, 2021

Hope Matters

It's hard to maintain hope in the face of COVID, natural disasters, economic injury, and the long-term grinding pressure we felt before these happened. If you have "traumaversaries" in your life....

July 13, 2021

Cycles of Stuckness

Do you ever feel this way? As if you are emerging from being trapped in (o perhaps trying to walk through) a wall? Traumatic experiences can leave us feeling stuck--or sometimes in cycles of "stuckness.: ...

Trauma-Informed Medical Care
The soil almost trembles with excitement
Foster resilience
Constant adaptation in turbulent times
women of the Revolutionary era
Warmth, Inside and Out
life sparkling with the Light
self-care and resilience
The Glitter Horn
trauma responsive lens

Is this person holding out eyeglasses for you to put on? Or holding them away from their own face to see if they need cleaning? Or maybe using them to magnify something? Perhaps they picked them up off the ground.....

How We Sustain Connections

In every culture, there are methods to help us remember "who we are." I'm imagining that these folks in Kargi, Kenya have elaborate systems of identification. I wonder if each beaded pattern, each element in their .....

 Mirroring Hope

In an article in, psychologist Dacher Keltner explains that "because of how our brains are wired, when we give hope to others, we derive pleasure that’s as strong as when we receive hope."....

Aug 18 , 2021

    Pay Attention to GIGO

You know they say water seeks its' own level. The #traumatwisties do too. If you've had overwhelming experiences in your life, the chances that you may believe lies about yourself is high---as it is if you've ...

Connections Bring Comfort

July 27, 2021

Connections Bring Comfort

I have never jumped on a trampoline--except the little mini-tramps with handles. I have knees that dislocate and are very loose, no kneecaps.... ooh enough about me. Let me get to the heart of the matter....

My cat was traumatized
I'm not BBQ, I'm CCQ
Energy and growth
Resilience of a material
Peace at home
The Beauty of the Cold
realistic goals
leveraging emotional intelligence
Gratitude journals
Skidmarks in the face of change

Very, very few people really like change. If they are in charge of it, rather than affected by it, they might like it. If they select the change, create the implementation plan, and everything goes as planned...

Shorter days, longer nights--Ugh?

We're not quite a month into autumn, and suddenly it's getting darker earlier, lighter later, and nights are getting inkier in their darkness. We are descending into the darkest time of the year. Ugh, right?.....

Fall Ingathering

In the human life cycle, autumn is a time of reflection, review, and assessment of life already lived. For animals, it's preparation for the winter: think of squirrels stuffing their cheeks with nuts to hide, field mice .....

Sept 1 , 2021

    Hold On, Press Eagerly

Yeah, OK, it's a sappy acronym for HOPE. HOPE is something that is in short supply in a lot of places. Disasters, economic crisis, pandemics that morph and evolve, the collapse of governments, wars ending in ....



Aug 11 , 2021

Determined  Persistence

We're in trouble if that's the Energizer Bunny (apologies to Energizer, we know yours is a drum-toting, flip-flop, sunglass-wearing pink critter). Every time I see the Energizer Bunny, she's treading along with her drum...

July 21, 2021

Fostering Hope

I love looking at hope as the other side of being traumatized. Every skill we help you learn in the Healer series is 

about fostering hope. Benajmin Hardy, Ph.D., an industrial psychologist, says "hope requires three things...

July 6, 2021


To a gardener, there is nothing more hopeful than the unexpected seedling that might be a bearing plant. This one, finding its way through what appears to be iron rebar extends to the sky in hopes of sunlight and  ...

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