About EPower & Associates, Inc.

Changes in our Organization

In  2020, we consolidated our signature topic areas into The EPower Change Institute, and The Trauma Informed Academy.  We provide people development in the form of training, coaching, consulting and events that help people:

  • Cope with change
  • Foster resilience, and
  • Develop emotionally intelligent, trauma-informed (and -responsive) lives.   


Our signature work blends Emotional Intelligence with Trauma Informed Processes and is evidence informed both from the worlds of quantitative and qualitative research.


We believe in collaboration, cooperative, present-focused, strength-based work. Our values are trust, respect, collaboration, balance, and brilliance.  We do extraordinary work from extraordinary perspectives. Our primary influences are relational-cultural theory, trauma psychology, organizational development, sociology and competency-based human resources development.


The EPower Change Institute

In The EPower Change Institute, we provide talent development and organizational consulting that support emotionally intelligent workplaces from the bottom up.


In the long term, this has a high likelihood of:Increasing pro-social culture

  • Increases engagement
  • Reduces benefits usage
  • Improves morale
  • Increases personal and professional satisfaction. 

The Trauma Informed Academy

In The Trauma Informed Academy, we our work mitigates the impact of traumatic events for the purpose of reducing the time, trauma, and costs of healing for all involved.  This means people who provide skilled helping services of some sort (teachers, counselors, mental health techs, techs, clinicians, clergy, first responders and more) to the people who receive services and those around them who are affected by the process. 


Our talent development program is available to users 24x7, and supported by group calls. Our platform is device agnostic, inclusive, and  directly applicable as restorative of greater health or reduction of the impact of trauma. Modules are supported by quizzes, and a certificate is provided for each module.


We also offer Trauma-Informed Medical Care on behalf of Georgetown University Medical Center, where our founder is an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry.


We also provide services supporting agency certification by respective agencies as Trauma Informed or as Trauma Responsive, tailoring our packages to the criteria for certification they provide. This includes:

  • Facility review checklists based on trauma informed design and our work in organizational certification in multiple industries,
  • TReSIA. the Trauma Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor. an organizational assessment for Trauma Informed Care based on the five elements in organizational processes.
  • Policy editing to increase alignment with thinking common to trauma-Informed organizations.


In our future? We plan to construct practical micro-learning units for integration in fitness apps, EHRs, and HRIS programs complete with metrics, and loyalty program.  And, we'll continue our Healer series that's available below.


Legacy work

Our work in instructional design is now a smaller part of our work, and while we may take on an occasional course to create, we'd rather help folks master the basics of instructional design. Our self-directed program, Build Winning courses, helps talent development people in private practice or internal to an agency develop serious chops in the classic basics that undergird current development of learning. 




Build Winning Courses

Whether you're an online content creator, entrepreneur, contract instructional designer or working in a talent development department, knowing the basics of ADDIE helps you turn out winning courses that deliver.  Dive in!


Get serious Instructional Systems Design chops in 7 lessons that can take you from one to many hours: you choose what to do with the goldmine this 30 plus year expert offers.   Go slow, repeat often.  Start now!

News You Can Use

Feb 2021--EPower & Associates, Inc published the first of five in Elizabeth Power's new Healer series. Healer: Reducing Crises blends personal and professional development in easy-to-read knowledge and practical every day skills. 

  • Easy to read, practical. Present focused, strength based Trauma-Responsive practices that heal.

  • Virtual groups available. For your organization; coaching for individuals.




Apr 2020--The EPower Change Institute offers its evidence-informed program on amplifying resilience using self-care to an online group of 40 with exceptional results.  Based on a researched and adapted schema, Amplifying Resilience Using Self-Care teaches learners how to refocus self-care actions through seven C's to increase the impact.


Nov 2019--The Japanese model using both TI-Med and The Trauma Informed Academy's influence has been published. The cover image, a bowl mended with gold, is symbolic of Kintsugi. Kintsugi  is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.  EPower & Associates operates  The Trauma Informed Academy and focuses on personal and professional development through a trauma-responsive lens.


Oct 2019--The Trauma Informed Academy piloted its new program, The Sacredness of Trauma, in Minneapolis MN. Designed to help faith communities that have a scripture (Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and more). The program reduces the stigma of trauma by helping learners connect their faith history to solid knowledge about the universality of trauma, how it impacts people, and congregational responses. The creation of sacred space to hear and bear witness the stories we all carry in ways that are healing.  


Oct 2018--Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. is in Japan with Pamela Saunders, Ph. D. to teach TI-Med as part of Japan's national effort to become Trauma-Informed. TI-Med is the first research-based program helping PCPs and their staff become trauma-informed. Power and Saunders were part of the research team at Georgetown University Medical Center.  Power served as an SME and consultant in adult learning.


Feb 15, 2011--EPower & Associates, Inc.  is slated to become the sole source provider for King County WA's five year SAMSHA Transformation to Trauma-Informed Care grant, providing  training and technical assistance in the implementation of Risking Connection, Sidran Institute's flagship program.  Risking Connection® is an evidence-informed National Center for Trauma Informed-Care  listed promising practice.

Nov 07,2010--Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. and Bonnie Green, Ph.D. presented a poster representing the NIMH grant involving Risking Connection® with which both have been involved for three years. Power, CEO of EPower & Associates, has provided evidence-based curriculum design for this program, which fosters the development of trauma-informed care for Primary Healthcare Providers.



East Tennessee Technology Access Center, Sidran Institute, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, The Brown Center for Autism,  Ku Aloha Ola Mau,  Hale Kipa, Stairstep Foundation, St. Peters-St. Joseph's Children's Home.


Primus, LMBC, Exult (Bank of America), Deloitte, Martinelli & Cucuy, GM Finance

Healthcare/Mental Health

Premier, Children's Institute, National Child Traumatic Stress Institute, National Center for PTSD, Boys-Girls Village, Austin Children's Shelter, The Queen's Hospital, Maui Memorial Medical Center, Salvus Clinic, NCPACE, MHealth Fairview.

Call Center/Telecom

Intulogy (Cellular South, Sprint/Nextel), J.D. Power and Associates, Asurion Insurance Services, Boise Cascade, Call Center University , ATT.


Nissan Motor Manufacturing/TN, GM Saturn, GM Canada, GM Europe, J.D. Power and Associates (Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Ford), MK Sweeney (Volvo), Cars.com


UCAr Carbon Technology, Rhone-Pulenc Agricultural Chemical Company, Intulogy (Fluor, Nebraska Public Power District, McJunkin-Redman, Dell. VMWare)

..and many more! 

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