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Whether you're an online content creator, entrepreneur, contract instructional designer or working in a talent development department, knowing the basics of ADDIE helps you turn out winning courses that deliver.  Dive in!

Get serious Instructional Systems Design chops in 7 lessons that can take you from one to many hours: you choose what to do with the goldmine this 30 plus year expert offers.   Go slow, repeat often.  Start now!

News You Can Use

Feb 2021--EPower & Associates, Inc published the first of five in Elizabeth Power's new Healer series. Healer: Reducing Crises blends personal and professional development in easy-to-read knowledge and practical every day skills. 

  • Easy to read, practical. Present focused, strength based Trauma-Responsive practices that heal.

  • Virtual groups available. For your organization; coaching for individuals.



Call Center/Telecom

Intulogy (Cellular South, Sprint/Nextel), J.D. Power and Associates, Asurion Insurance Services, Boise Cascade, Call Center University , ATT.


Nissan Motor Manufacturing/TN, GM Saturn, GM Canada, GM Europe, J.D. Power and Associates (Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Ford), MK Sweeney (Volvo), Cars.com