The Healer Series: 

Reducing Crises

Power, the voice of lived experience, delivers the goods when it comes to helping her readers learn how to thrive. 

An international authority in trauma-informed care, she distills powerful techniques to simple work that helps readers increase emotional intelligence, resilience, and wholeness.

What the Readers Say....

Written in language for everyone, Healer: Reducing Crises jumps into the world of trauma-informed care, holds hands with emotional intelligence, and runs the numbers to show that we’ll never have enough therapists to do all the counseling needed. But you don’t need a diagnosis to learn. Everyone can increase their skills in areas common to Emotional Intelligence and trauma recovery. Ready to be less “flustered?” Want to work on your inner drama queen? Or just need to reduce the noise from your past? 


With an easy that makes deep material almost fun to read, Elizabeth Power brings us closer to the ultimate secrets at the very heart of healing.


Very well written and extremely timely.







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Elizabeth lives up to her name with  Healer: Reducing Crises. Broad knowledge and concrete suggestions for wrestling down crises or trauma to build more peace in life. It’s easy to read, written for everyone. Trust this brilliant healer’s work! 

Barbara Boat, Ph.D.

Trauma: what is your definition of this word? Have you had any traumatic experiences before? What impact did such an experience have on you? In Healer: Reducing Crises , the first book in a series, Elizabeth Power, the founder of the Trauma-Informed Academy, who has suffered and continues to heal from her fair share of PTSD, not only offers detailed answers to these questions, but she also provides in-depth knowledge on the vital tools that we can employ to handle and heal from the trauma that we have suffered.


She takes us through the definitions of trauma, placing impact-based trauma over event-name trauma, gauging the overlooked effect of the media on causing trauma, the connection between emotional intelligence (EQ) and overcoming trauma, and even the methods of monitoring the progress we have made on the road to recovery.


I have to say that this was an informative read. One thing that settled me on commencing the journey to read this book while confronting my traumatic experiences was the author's use of common real-life examples revolving around how trauma is subjective and should not be compared. She also shows how different words that normally mean the same thing can be used to classify different feelings by different people, and I think that an understanding of this is the first and important step in recognizing and dealing with trauma. Learning this was also my favorite aspect of the book.


Elizabeth Power's message here is quite easy to understand since she maintains her use of simple language throughout the book and employs a conversational tone while including a lot of questions about her lessons that will help readers. Accompanying these questions are practical solutions in a stepwise manner to improve accessibility. Some of the information in the book is also dished out in a tabular form, including how to release stored up chemicals from trauma through muscle movements, employing the "victory cycle" in developing elastic emotions, and understanding our inner connections. The book is comprehensive overall…


If you have ever gone through any traumatic experience, you should read this book. It will help you to efficiently deal with your trauma while developing self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and empathy skills.

This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind, or know someone who has.  Be it a traumatic action taken against them or a traumatic event witnessed, all will benefit from looking at that trauma from the perspective Elizabeth Power offers through this book. 


Written with her depth of insight into the world of trauma, and her unfailing ability to make complicated subject matter understandable, she has made available unique resources both in the book and online, to help therapists, counselors and those striving to recover from the effects of trauma.  


Reading this could change your life and/or give you the skills and information needed to help someone else change theirs for the better. This is the first in a series and has had a profound effect on my life, I can’t wait to see what the next book will offer!


Ann Coward

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

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