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Fostering Resilience | Amplifying Self-Care

Resilience | Self Care

In this program, you learn:


  • How to define resilience
  • The relationship between resilience and self-care
  • Assets you can promote to protect against negatives
  • How resilience shows up in self care
  • The 7C model of resilience and how to use it
  • Practical tools to help you stack resilience and amplify the impact of self-care

​Available as Zoom-based webinars and online, coaching, and conference presentations. On site and keynote available.



Gary R.

“…Absolutely what I needed to help me cope."

Rose W. 

“Love the marriage of resilience and self-care. It’s just right for our times."

Andi B.

“A real level up for my self-care.”

Sunil A.

“I use these tools every day to keep my self going.”

Program Details


6 sessions, 60 minutes each. Zoom-based classes scheduled weekly on Wed-Th-Fri. Coaching available from our highly qualified staff..

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