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Fostering Resilience | Amplifying Self-Care

Elizabeth Power, MEd

Resilience and self-care are words tossed around like a salad in a serious storm--and they generally mean about as much to many people.


Resilience, to us, refers to the set of skills and efforts it takes to "fall down seven times and get up eight. And we don't believe that you can do anything as long as you call it self-care.


In fact, we believe that actions taken as self-care and resiliency efforts can feed each other and amplify each other when you use simple, evidence-informed schemas that can be fun to apply while they become habits.


Over a thousand people learned and use this model--scroll down to see what a few have to say about it!

Resilience | Self Care

In this program, you learn:


  • How to define resilience
  • The relationship between resilience and self-care
  • Assets you can promote to protect against negatives
  • How resilience shows up in self care
  • The 7C model of resilience and how to use it
  • Practical tools to help you stack resilience and amplify the impact of self-care

​Available as Zoom-based webinars and online, coaching, and conference presentations. On site and keynote available.



Gary R.

“…Absolutely what I needed to help me cope."

Rose W. 

“Love the marriage of resilience and self-care. It’s just right for our times."

Andi B.

“A real level up for my self-care.”

Sunil A.

“I use these tools every day to keep my self going.”

Program Details


6 sessions, 60 minutes each. Zoom-based classes scheduled weekly on Wed-Th-Fri. Coaching available from our highly qualified staff..

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